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Turtle Rock Records is proud to announce the release of Ali Marcus’ 7th album, “Americana Hotel.” This new collection of songs represents a huge step forward in Ali’s writing and recording style. It showcases a belief in the power of our stories - the remarkable way in which individual experiences can actually be quite universal despite the specificity of the tale. The tracks include "The Ballad of Helen and Bernie," the true story of Ali’s grandparents' elopement during the Great Depression, "Of Homes and Loved Ones," a meditation on the reason WHY?, and "California," an imaginary tale of a journey across America looking for the great unknown. Also in there is "American Soil," a topical song inspired by the Tea Party but generally addressing the popular sentiment and guilt in American politics, "Alcatraz," a love song from the eyes of an inmate, "Talkin' Nashville Tornado Blues," a mixture of music industry and weather-related antagonism, and "I Haven't Heard a Song," about the death of a loved one.

“Americana Hotel” will be officially released on June 22nd, 2012 at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle, WA. Also on the bill is the local duo Elk & Boar.

Since the release of “The Great Migration” (2009), Ali has performed at Eddie’s Attic with Tom Paxton after he discovered her rewritten version of his 1960’s era “Daily News” on YouTube; opened for Dar Williams, Jolie Holland, Catie Curtis, and Ruthie Foster, featured on XM Radio, her topical song “American Soil” featured in the New York Times on Election Day, and had numerous encounters with audience members from the small town Wapato, the title and subject of her most acclaimed song on that album.

 Ali is a Seattle-based songwriter who tours the country singing songs for people. She tours lots of awesome joints, like the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, The Living Room in NYC, Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, IOTA Café in Virginia, the Evening Muse in Charlotte, the Makeout Room in San Francisco, the Starry Plough in Berkeley, the Triple Door, Columbia City Theater, Tractor Tavern, and the Experience Music Project in Seattle. She runs her own label and produces her own music and books her own tours. She also writes her own press releases, and talks about herself in the third person.

For complete details on Ali’s news and touring, please check out the calendar page.